Frequently Asked Questions

What is a credit union?
A credit union is a not for profit financial institution that is owned and controlled by its members and operated for the purpose of promoting thrift, providing credit at competitive rates, and providing other financial services to its members.

Who owns a credit union?
The credit union is owned by you, its members. Every member becomes a shareholder with a minimum deposit of $5 into a regular savings account. Because you are a shareholder, this allows you one vote on major decisions placed before the membership such as Board Member elections.

How are credit unions different from banks?
There are many differences between credit unions and banks but the most important is that credit unions are democratically run. Credit unions' elect board members from the membership and allow the membership to vote on the elected officials. These officials then meet monthly, if not more, to discuss decisions to be made in the credit union. Banks on the other hand exist to earn dividends for shareholders.

How do credit unions serve their communities?
Credit unions are community-based and community-focused. At KBR Heritage Federal Credit Union we take part in many community service events throughout the year. Some of our main contributions include Children's Miracle Network, Salvation Army and Houston Food Bank. These are some of our main focuses but we open our arms to just about any organization that may need help.

Who can join KBRHFCU?

  • Employees of KBR who work in or are supervised from KBR in Houston, Texas
  • Employees of KBR Technology Center who are paid from Houston, Texas
  • Employees of contractors who work regularly at KBR in Houston, Texas
  • Employees of Halliburton who work in or are supervised from Houston, Texas
  • Members of their immediate families (spouses, children, parents, grandparents, grandchildren, brothers and sisters)
  • Employees of KBRHFCU
  • Persons retired as pensioners or annuitants from the above employments
  • Spouses of person who died while within the field of membership of this credit union
  • Organizations of such persons

What is your routing number?

Are my savings deposits insured?
Yes. Have peace of mind knowing that your savings accounts are insured up to $250,000 and IRA accounts are insure and additional $250,000 by the National Credit Union Administration (NCUA). NCUA is an agency of the federal government.

What are your hours?
We are open Monday-Friday from 8:30 am to 3:30 pm.

What if I am out of town and I need access to my account?
Through our affiliation with other credit unions, we are able to provide our members with access to literally thousands of Shared Branches across the United States. Shared branching allows members to conduct most transactions just as you would if you were in our office. With so many locations, you'll want to save the link as a Favorite! You will then be able to find a branch while you are away from home, on vacation, on a business trip or simply out running errands. Log on to

Why should I borrow from my credit union?

  • Because we are not for profit, we generally have the lowest cost loans available
  • Credit unions typically don't have hidden fees associated with loans
  • If you don't qualify for a specific loan, we will more often than not offer you a counter-offer
  • We provide quick approval on all loans and have some of the friendliest service around

When can I apply for a loan?
As soon as you become a member of the credit union.

How do I sign up for online banking?
When you open an account with KBRHFCU you will be given your account number, which will be your login ID, and you will also be emailed a temporary password that will be good for 24 hours. If you miss that deadline or would like to use online banking, please contact a member services representative at 713-753-3022, Monday through Friday from 8:30am to 3:30pm and a representative will be happy to assist you through the process. You may also visit our office during normal business hours.

After Hours Procedure: If you are trying to sign up after hours, go to our home page and under login click enroll now. You will be taken to the online banking site, and you will be guided on how to set up your account. 

How do I report a lost/stolen credit card?
If the Visa credit card is lost/stolen during KBRHFCU business hours (Monday through Friday from 8:30 am to 3:30 pm), please call the credit union at 713-753-3022 and we will take care of this for you. To report a lost/stolen Visa after hours, call 1-855-651-7815; 24 hours a day, 7 days a week; and follow the prompt.

What is Verified by Visa and why should I apply?
Visa offers comprehensive fraud protection, but Verified by Visa goes even a step further, adding an extra layer of security at the point where you enter credit card information online. The service helps prevent unauthorized online use before it happens by confirming your identity with an additional password.

How do I stop payment on a check?

If you feel a processed check may be fraudulent, please contact the credit union at 713-753-3022 during normal business hours.

How do I set up my bills online?
To set up your bills online, you will need to log on to Virtual Branch. From there you will click on the Pay Bills tab on the top. This will take you to the bill pay website where you will be directed to fill out a form to enroll. From there you will click Add a Payees from the Payee drop down menu. This page will easily guide you through the process of setting up your bills. As long as you have a current bill handy, you will have all of the information needed to set up your bills. To make things even easier, they have also set up a list of popular payees with all the information set up for you. All you will need to enter is your account number. See a Demo.

How do I send a wire transfer?
If you are first time sender, you will need to fill out a Wire Request Form. You can send this to us via email at or you can fax it to us at (713) 753-7575. Please allow one business day for us to process this request. All requests sent after 3:30pm will be processed the following business day. If you have already sent a wire transfer before, you will not need to fill out another Wire Request Form. All you will need to do is give us a phone call or email us with details and we will contact you requesting more information and will make the transfer that day. 

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